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I understand the reason you are proposing the Kode. On the other hand it is really challenging to try a four fin board that will work well in onshore conditions and will also turn with endless grip. The idea of a smaller set of fins for the Quad is also a good option but do really you think that for my wait (85kg), a 76 lt Quad is gonna feel bigger? The problem with my 79 is that it feels like a 75. Actually i am 100% sure that it is a 75. This is why i want an 80 which will be able to be controlled in high winds too.

Forgive me for asking and asking questions, but i will have to work hard to to buy a new board, especially with the 2010 prizes and can't afford a bad choice. Therefore your advise is very valuable to me.

A friend of mine believes that Quad is not a fast board because its main purpose is to hold on the waves and he advised me to consider buying a twinzer. Is it real that four fins are slow compared to the twinzers
Do you think i should take his advise under consideration?
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