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Default Bigger sail than advised on Futura 133 ??


I'd like to boost my Futura 133 in minimal wind conditions with a 10 mē sail (ie a Severne Overdrive).

I'm very satisfied with the V8 8.5 in 10-14 knots (my weight : 70 kgs), but I wonder if a 10 m sail will not offer me some advantage in -10 kn conditions... Fact is, I'd like to use my Futura as a "mini formula" by powering it up with a big sail.

However, sail range for the 133 does not exceed 9.5 mē.

Will this half a square metre bring me into trouble?? Or won't a bigger sail mean a significant plus in respect to the 8.5?

Likewise, if I buy the Overdrive 10 mē, I would partner the board with a slightly larger than recommended fin (52 instead of 50 cm).

Is this all "too much" for the board to take?

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