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Default Futura 111... is it right for me to consder?

Originally Posted by namreh View Post
I don't know if Mr palmer got this rumour from my post on my site...

I do think that the futura 111 2009 is slightly smaller versus the futura 111 2008.
With my 90kg the futura 2008 was a "lightwind" board and I could even use my overdrive 8.5mē on it and tack on it with my eyes closed.

My futura 111 2009 is something more highend oriented and this is really bringing back the more s-type oriented feeling. Very happy with this board and really even faster then the previous version (this weekend was my second sail on it and finally I got myself over the 60km/u in moderate conditions).

I really think the volumedifference between this 2 boards is up to 10liters. So do you want a more lightwind-oriented board choose the futura 122 2009 and otherwise the futura 111 2009. This is all my feeling as a normal freerider and I don't want to say it's official or the only right thing, maybe I'm totally wrong, but this is my feeling. ;-)

I too am thinking about possibilities... I am a returning windsurfer...after too man years!.. and want a board with a good wind and sail range, possible to use on both flat and mostly small wave. I need to re-learn to carve jibe, etc...

The thing is, I'm 89 to 90kg and I need to be able to uphaul the thing if it becomes necessary...

Am I being too I need a dingy?...wadya think guys?

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