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Default RE: Sailboard Hucker 6,6

Hi John,
I've only had my 6.6 m2 Hucker prototype (the last evolution before the production sail) for about 2 months, and I've been traveling and working alot to so I don't have the time on the 6.6 Hucker that I'd like to have.
I have lot's of experience with the 4.8 m2 and 5.6 m2 Huckers and the 6.6 m2 seems very similar, so I think some of the tuning and tweaking tips that I've received from Bruce Peterson and Dale Cook will probalby apply to the 6.6m 2 as well.
If you want more top speed, try to get a Sailworks "Backbone" 460 cm mast. It bends a little differently than a std. dia. 460 cm IMCS 24-26 mast and you can use the difference between the Backbone and a Std. mast to change the way the top of your Hucker reacts.
With a std. dia. Sailworks Speedstick or Joystick, you get the tight upper leech that the Hucker was designed to give you.
With the Backbone 460 mast , the upper part of the sail loosens up (right at the back and only in as far as the inside of the anti-flutter mini-battens) a bit more and the luff sleeve pulls back pretty tightly around the smaller dia. reducing the frontal area slightly.
The 6.6m2 that I have is very slightly different than the production sail so I'm pretty sure you will get about the same sort of tuning "differences" with your production 6.6 Hucker.
If you want the max. "float" for getting big air, use a std. dia. 460 mast and allow the larger diameter to fill out the lower parts of the luff sleeve. This is the mast the sail was designed on, I'm pretty sure.
If you want a little looser leech up top, use the Backbone 460.
The Backbone mast also give you a bit more power down lower in the sail when fully loaded up because the smaller dia. Backbone gives a little more fullness from the batten above the boom to the foot batten.
Hope this helps,
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