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Del Carpenter
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Tacking isn't done very often on formula boards because there isn't much point to it. When the board speed is slow enough that tacking might be useful it is also slow enough that jibing is really easy. On a longboard the loss of upwind position during a light wind jibe is enough to make tacking worthwhile. Formula boards are so short and easy to turn in a light wind jibe that the upwind position loss is tiny. And every easy slow wind jibe is potentially useful practice for a higher speed jibe.

I'm an old school sailor who steps around the mast when tacking and for me that means I would be more likely to fall in while tacking my formula board then I am while tacking my longboard. The very short nose of my formula board doesn't give much support to my weight compared with the long nose of my longboard. So, most of the time, I don't tack my formula board.
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