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Default Tacking a formula board

This is what I do:

Start carving a curve upwind. As the nose of the board gets closer to the eye of the wind, I want the mast hand to slide forwards on the boom, my back foot right behind the frontmost footstrap, the front foot in front of the mast, almost in contact with the mast foot. Sail is still raked back.

Most tutorials I have seen recommend that you sheet in hard when entering a tack. I'm not sure, as we sheet in hard in order to bear off, right? Sheeting in hard just seems to stop the board, I think. I prefer to leave the sail in a neutral position.

OK, the board is almost pointing straight into the wind, and you want to get to the other side of the sail in one movement. Cross the back hand over the front hand and reach round the mast to the boom on the other side. Do not stay in front of the mast, in that spot you'll be unstable. Once you've jumped round the mast, the hard part is pushing the nose down from the eye of the wind while at the same time moving your hands back on the boom and possibly your front foot into the strap for the first pumps.

There is a tutorial that you might have seen over at
The article discusses formula tacks.

To improve your tacks while sailing alone, you'll use a watch displaying seconds, initiate the tack at :00, tack, and check the time once you're on a plane and hooked in on the new tack. With friends, you can start your timers at the same time, sail upwind and tack every minute. That way you can compare how you do.

Note that the higher the boom, the more unstable you'll be when tacking.

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