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Default RE: 6.5 sail for gusty lake sailing

>>> original GO! What a classic board!
>>> Mmmm... I'm not sure what an "X3" Powerex mast is.

Hi again Roger,

You were correct (again) my "X3 Powerex" mast is in fact a Neil Pryde X3.

I'm interested in your comments on the 2000 Go being too big a board at around 22-24 knots.

>>> Beyond about 18 knots, your board is going to start getting "too >>> big" and changing down to a smaller fin and rig will allow you to go >>> to maybe 22-24 knots. Beyond that is unrealistic for the GO board.
>>> You can certainly sail the GO in more wind, but it won't be fun and >>> getting a smaller narrower board and smaller rig/fin will bring the >>> fun factor back.

I have a 5.5 Retro with suitable NP mast and boom, and various fins down to 28cm. What would you think of one of the smaller Go's - say the 139 (I love the stability that added width brings). Would that combination cover winds from 20 knots up to... what would you say? Or is it the board width that is the factor that hinders control, and the Go 129 at 72 cm wide becomes the higher wind choice?

Appreciate your insights,

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