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Default Watch out for starboard boards...

I bougth a Red Futura 101 L 2009 that supposed to be red underneath and it came out as white!!!!

Ive seen other futuras on the beach and they are all red or all blue as also on the online catalogs!! Why is mine red on top and white on bottom, i suppose to some construction error at the factory......what is the Quality department is doing there??? Nothing!!!! Sending you wrong stuff that you pay a lot of money!!!!

Its like going to get a car....ask for a red one and then they give you a red and white!!!! Do you think this is possible....of course NOT!!!!

Ive made several complaints to my local dealer, where i bought the board, i also filled up 5 times the "service and warrant" form and i had NO RESPONSE from any of them!!!!

So they just want to sell there products, get your money on there pocket and then ignore you when something goes wrong!!!!

What kind of company is this??? Im preparing a formal complaint to the Portugues and European Customer Service because this is not correct!!!!

I fill cheated and ripped off!!!!

My name is Mrio Milhazes ( im from Portugal and i want to be contacted by Starboard to solve this out ASAP!!!!

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