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Screamer and Ken,

Both thanks for your replay and advice. Looks like de F111 (also good testresults) maybe would be better for me surfing at more than 6 Bft. I said I was experienced, so waterstarting is no problem and earlier I surfed smaller boards (many years ago (board ap. 80 liters), much lighter than 92 kg.). The F111 is indeed almost a sinker for me, thats why I thought of the F122. Option could be still the F122 and than later a smaller board. I don't want a gap between F144 and the smaller board.

Remains my question : has anyone experience with both the Futura 2008 and 2009, what are the (small I presume) differences about for exemple topspeed and control (F122 and also F111) ?

Thanks in advance.

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