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I think the Kodes 112 and 122 are rather similar in how they gybe and I don't really believe the difference between the 111 and 122 futuras is that significant either. I had a F101 and many Kombats/Kodes/Aeros and it's hard to just say which is the best jiber of them. The Kodes are easier to whip around on the tail in shorter jibe and does a sick high speed full power jibe, but then requires that you drive it well, pushing down the front rail with the help of mast foot pressure. The Futura will be much more work in a shorter jibe but will glide though a longer jibe easier with much less sailor input. It still handles high speeds in the jibe very well.

So if we concentrate on slightly longer jibes, where staying on plane is the priority, the Futura is the easiest one. The bigger the sail the bigger the advantage for the Futura. The Kode on the other hand, will feel looser (ie like it want to jibe, turn, play etc) but require more power and drive but then convert this into more exhilarating jibing experience one you master it. It will then also be easier to (with the same technique) push the Kode into shorter high speed jibes.
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