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Originally Posted by mim View Post
Hey guys,

design of the board sure is important...but this is ridiculous! By the way, you reaally think the dealer can order a futura once with white and once with red bottom?

Grow up, colour is not riding, and if you're good you get some chciks thanks to your style not the colour of your "bottom".

And please stop writing here about how the company wants just money from us and then they will not respond to your question...the one who should deal with the company is your go to him and let him work this way or another it surely is much better than writting threads like this (even though it is an open forum and I have quit fun reading this post especially thanks to floyd's "driving style").

Have fun, I go surfing!
Ciao M.

I dont windsurf to get chicks!!!!!! I do it because i like the feel of the sport.....and when you put your cash out to buy something that you want exactly what you have seen and been after!!!!

The case is that the dealer and starboard are in this possible??? Of course any business area the company want to keeps the clients happy so they can return.....this is not happening here!!!!

What if the board came out this case is the colour problem...but if it came with some big defect....where can i complain and get some feedback??? Not through the dealer and not trough starboard "services and warranty" form that i filled up 5 times and no response!!!

So i would have to get stucked with a damaged board???

PS: Mim if you want to go to the beach and get chicks you are in the wrong sport....try out surf!!
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