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Originally Posted by mario.milhazes View Post

I dont windsurf to get chicks!!!!!! I do it because i like the feel of the sport.....and when you put your cash out to buy something that you want exactly what you have seen and been after!!!!

The case is that the dealer and starboard are in this possible??? Of course any business area the company want to keeps the clients happy so they can return.....this is not happening here!!!!

What if the board came out this case is the colour problem...but if it came with some big defect....where can i complain and get some feedback??? Not through the dealer and not trough starboard "services and warranty" form that i filled up 5 times and no response!!!

So i would have to get stucked with a damaged board???

PS: Mim if you want to go to the beach and get chicks you are in the wrong sport....try out surf!!


the part on chicks (right after the divorce I do not give a sh*t about chicks) was a joke...I believe almost all people understood that. I just can speek for myself and say, that I never have a problem with my distributor...if you can not get a help from the shop where you buyed the board try the main dealer in your country...maybe he has some direct contact for urgent cases.

I just say, if you orded a futura in the volume and you specified the colour (here I mean if you said only red futura) got what you asked for...unless you specificaly told them that you want the one with red bottom.

Finallyt last thing...everybody here is trying to calm you down, which I find good, because the situation with starboard is not that bad (actually there is a big meeting or was last week on fuerte with all the european dealers...maybe that is why you can not get any answer...simple because they are away)...but please consider the situation and your behaviour...the colour of boards is usally only specified on top...look at the iSonic, it comes with grey bottom, and there was no word about it in specs...only visible on official pictures on SB web.

Hope you'll get your satisfaction soon, but believe it or not...I am sure that SB generally treat their customers pretty good.

Ciao Michal.

PS: the surf today was amazing.
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