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Default sail size

i weigh 67kg and sail 5m race sail[vapor] in winds from 13 to 30 knots. in lighter winds 13/18 i use a little less downhaul and heaps/max of negative outhaul to get me planning quickly and through lulls. i find this combo works better for my weight than say using a 6.5 and having to sheet out in gusts. other advantages smaller sail is less tiring to use,can use smaller fin, has way better feel,has less drag resulting in higher top end speed. i feel there is a some peer/macho thing in w/surf to use a bigger sail than is needed. most people 70kg and under have no need to use anything bigger its just a macho thing . a 5metre with less downhaul will also point upwind better than a 6.5 with loose leech i believe. anyone share my opinion.
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