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But Mac
You are the one posting about sails you can use !!!! (Irony is a wonderfull thing)
I would love to be able to use a 5 metre when (70kg) mates are on 5`s. I have to "cope" with a 6.5 for anything like similar performance to them.
There`s nothing macho about it ; its all about weight !!!!! (My not inconsiderable 105k of it)

PS thats a hell of a range for one sail/board combo !!!! 13 to 30 knots.!!! I would need 3 sails and 2 boards to cover that !!!! (Guess 7 ; 6 and 5 ) (A true 30 knots and I`d easily be on a 5 ????)

Reckon you need a new anerometer !!!!

Or I need a 5 metre and board like yours ?????
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