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Default RE: More iSonic Questions...

Hi Roger,

I'm planning to get the IS22. Just wondering if you have sailed this board, and what is its sweet spot in terms of sail size?

This board can take a sail up to 9.5m , but I am not sure if I should go for an 8.5m or a 9m. My favorite size is an 8.5, but a 9m would give me more low end. The other option would be 9m + 7.8m ..instead of a compromise at 8.5 ??

If IS122 is my biggest board ; the next size down would be the IS101 I suppose?

In fact I already have a Fanatic freeride which is 127L, but 69 wide (trying to sell it though), this would be an overlap with the IS122 despite the later is 75cm wide? I've read that the width is a more appropriate way of classifying boards rather than volume...

your comments would be much appreciated!
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