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Thx a lot guys! Just what I needed to know, i.e. that the Kode is a good board to gybe, that means I only have to train some more to keep it planing. Maybe I just have a bit too big a fin, use a Lessacher Duo 320mm because of the weed in the bay... ? On the ohter hand, havenīt had any spinouts... :-)
One just get the impression from magazinetests that there is big differences between differents boards gybing performance, and have not seen the 112 Kode in any tests yet. SB also seems to have made the 2010 Kode-version a bit wider at the tail and shifted the volume there (like the Futura for 2009 if I have understood it right).
I found a friends Tabou 3S 107L just so much more "gliding" in the carve gybe so maybe the Futura would be more alike?
Anyhow I bought the Kode 112 wc but still has the opporunity to change it to a Futura 111 -09 if not satisfied when testing - great service.
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