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Hi Everyone

Sorry for being so nervous and not acepting your jokes....but this is a case of feeling that a company doesnt treats the clientes as they deserve.

Ive sailed the board and i like i very much, best board ever, but i want an answer from the manufacturer of the board.......what im dissapointed is that nor the dealer nor the manufacturer says nothing about this issue!! The only thing that the dealer says that he sells what starboard sends him.

When i ordered the board i told the dealer that i wanted a RED one and had to wait for 2 weeks because he didnt have it in stock, i could have bought the 2008 model for less 200€ but i prefered to pay more for the board of my dreams......the 2009 Futura 101L all RED as seen on the beach and on catalogs!!

When you look at catalogs ( you can see that the bottom is in 2 or 3 years if i want to resell the board do you think that the people wont think that this board has been repaired because its white on the for sure i will loose money!!

I love starboard boards.....very easy to sail and very pretty, i was already negociating with my dealer to buy a Kode 86L and a Isonic 121L at the end of this year, but with this issue im thinking twice because i cant see any kind of answers coming back when something goes wrong.

When you spend your money, that you had to work hard to gain it, on a product you are after a quality product but also after a good post customer service from the manufactur that meaning the you will have some kind of feedback if you have a complaint.

In my country, Portugal, some companies are banned out of the market if they dont have an efficent customer service, we have a public departament where you can expose what happend and if the company doesnt reply it will be banned from selling there products, thats happening to a lot to asiatic companies (chinese most of all).

As i truly believe that Starboard is not like this i deserve an answer from them because the dealer says he sells what they send him!!

Im not against starboard.....i just want some feedback and justification why this happens!!

Good sailing to all!!

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