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Default Thank you Starboard!

I got the 2010 iSonic 121 last week and took it out yesterday for the first time in a gusty 16-18 kts wind, short, hard chop on the water... after the first run I had to conclude the board did not meet my high expectations.... it exceeded them by a mile!

This is my first Starboard board and I wonder why I did not get one earier. I don't know what voodoo or mumbo-jumbo you put into it, but the isonic sailed as if there was no chop. And it did not matter whether upwind or going deep, it just kept going fast, remaining controllable and comfortable.

And best of all, it didn't care that much being ridden by an intermediate surfer with heavy feet, but it did let me know there's a hell of lot more potential to be had and I can't wait to let it all out.

So thank you all at Starboard for producing this voodoo board.

Best regards,


ps; the board would be 100% perfect if it could make me a nice hot espresso whilst going deep downwind :-)
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