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Default RE: My board: Isonic 105 dram

The last sessions I used even the 6.9 in low wind conditions. (12-14 knots with 18knots gusts)

In the low conditions it is a bit less comfortable.

In the gusts you get really an super acceleration compared to the bigger sailssizes.

Topspeeds just increases a lot when planning in gusts.

I think for crosswind cruising a bigger sailsize is nice for keeping pressure.

7.5 is best low wind sailsize. But my bro is thinking the same... he is 100 kg, I am 80kg... so that is why I use at the moment 6.9

I sold my 8.3, I just took the only in very low wind <14kn gusts... what resulted in very frustated sessions where I was just very slowly planning 50% of the time
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