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Default RE: Bigger rig and smaller board advice please...

Hi Nicki,
you can handle a 8.5 for sure. A 2 cam construction is no problem indeed. Just makes your sail a bit deeper in the bottom. Think about to combine a sail in this size with the right finlenght. 38 - 42 .

According the board. You are absolutely on the right way. Jibing will feel quite easy with a small baord and you will not believe how big your other models will feel after sailing on a small funboard.
I really would recommend you the KOMBAT from Starboard. The 87 liter one is a great size, 239 cm long, 59 cm wide and perfect for a trip to windy places (doesn??t matter if it??s flat, choppy or wavy). You will have fun with 4.5 and 5.0, but will not have any troubles using a 6.0 or a 4.0 .
The KOMBAT is an allrounder and makes fun in all kind of medium to high wind conditions.

Just come back to me if you should have further questions,

much success,
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