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Hi Adrien,

I picked up surfing again last year, after 18 yrs. Before that I had surfed for 8 years, F2 Sunset Slalom and Lighting :-).

I used a NP V8 8m on the iSonic 121 and I weigh 73 kg. The vin was a Select Pro Slam 45cm, I have 2 Select SL9 on order (37 and 43cm). I have a NP V8 6.5 for higher wind, but I expect the board will remain predictable, no matter what.

Gr. Joules

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Sounds awesome, iSonics are definately one of my dream boards, for the moment I prefer to practice on my second hand equipment so I'm not worried about damaging it/price.

How long have you been windsurfing? What sail were you using? Also, how much do you weigh?


Adrien G
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