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Default Kode86 - fin range

I have a 2009 Kode86 which came with a 25cm Drake fin. I normally use either a 5.5m or 6m sail with this board in bump & jump/freeride conditions but I find I'm constantly spinning out and have trouble sailing upwind. Could be poor technique related but after doing some research on fin sizes it was suggested a 30ish cm fin would suit these sails better. However, when I look at the specs. on the Kode86 I see the max fin range is up to 26cm only. Max sail size 6m.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Is this only a rough guide and therefore a 30cm fin would be fine, or are the documented specs. a fairly accurate guide and therefore the 25cm supplied should be fine for these sail sizes?

I'm currently looking at either the MFC freewave or Select bump & Jump in about 30cm. Any thoughts on these fins?

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