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Default RE: For Ian - high wind board choice

Hi Ian

Just after some further info on Acid 80. I currently ride an 05 wood 80 for high wind bump & jump - NO down the line wavesailing.

I weigh 85 kilos.

Would changing for an 06 80 in wood be an upgrade? I noticed you preferred the 06 to 07 for bump & jump. I respect your opinion as you like to go fast like me...but wondered if I should wait until 08 and stick with 05 for now?

I sail down to 3.7 with a 20cm fin and then it is mega windy here in Tarifa. Largest sail 4.5 or 4.7 with a 22cm fin.

Just want to make the right board choice...I am presuming 74 would be too small. Wind here is cross off from the left and I like early planing - not wallowing waiting for wind? and control - speed for get the picture...

Would the extra width of 06 & 07 board change their chop eating character?

Thanks in advance...Mark

btw - Ola recommended 07 74 but I am not convinced...
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