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Hi RadiantX

I've tried several fins on several Kombats, haven't sailed the Kode but it should be close enough. You need to change both fin size (to a bit bigger) but what's more important, a different fin type. 30 is too big no doubt, but max fin of 26 sounds too small to me - for a 6m sail. I've found for freeriding with 5.5/6.0, a fin of about 28 works great. I can recommend Drake Crossover and especially Select Freestylewave (which is excellent and comes in 27/29 sizes, if you're lighter go for 27, if you're heavy than 29).

And when it all starts to get out of control, go back to Drake 25 (just easier on the back foot pressure) - you may like it fully powered in very lumpy water.
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