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Good discussion guys. We're now in the "fine but sometimes important details" league.

And I can add: The Kode 80 do feel smaller than the PA80. Some mags have commented that the Kode (74) feels "sharper" than the PA, but I would say the Kodes are softer. But a Kode in WoodCarbon will by lightness and stiffness give a shaper sensation but I still think it has a smoother way of going through the water adding to the "smaller" and more controllable feel. But also remember that Kevin P (85kg+) sailed the whole first elimination in Cabo Verde on a Kode 80 and that was ultralight 5.7 winds. So apparently it is not THAT small in real life. Anyway, its an awesome board that I also think is noticebaly better in slow/mushy/onshore waves than the PA was. The probably did some fin tuning of the rocker too.

But the Quad 76 is for sure a unique ride, and Ray nails the B&J-ability of it well, I think.
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