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hi Giorgio, I use Drakes, Tectonics Goldwing and Vector Rockit. The only modification I made to my Drake 38 was to fine sand it (1200 grit) and I do not really have problems with it: I experienced some (occasional) spin out in my first days with the Is-111 when loading the fin especially going upwind in chop (when the fin might loose traction), but if I am light on the fin it is it fine and seems fast However my top with the Is-111 is 31 so I am not sure what happens above that although the risk of spin out should decrease with speed ... my goldwing 30 and Rockit 32 regularly see 33-35 (with some dubious 38) with Hot Sails GPS 5.5 and 6.0 and spin out is not a problem. In my experience a light back foot (and very neutral rig) are key to avoid spin out.

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