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I am happy to see that mac33 does have a quiver of boards and sails. We have all gone through the minimalist frame of mind, but over time, if finances allow, many of us expand our quivers to cover just about every situation.

Don't forget that some of us on larger sails can handle them over a broad range of winds because we have adjustable outhauls. Now that I said that, one might wonder why I have so many sails. Choosing which one to use is always a bit subjective, but I would not give any of them up. I am always striving for the perfect set up to match the conditions. If I lived where steady winds were the norm, sail selection would be much more objective. However, inland lakes in Texas offer highly variable winds, so whatever rig is selected, it's never perfect all of the time. This is where the adjustable outhauls comes in handy.
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