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Think that is a bit of a generalisation. At my spot sailors (especially heavier ones) watch what others are using and think he`s now going with a 5 (or something); that means I can probably change down. We`d all much rather use smallest sail we can comfortably plane with especially in gnarly/rough conditions.If theirs a choice I`m pretty sure we`d all much rather use a 5 than say a 7 ???
Suspect its very venue related. My local UK spot average sail carried (in van) is perhaps 6 or 6.5. Down at Leucate biggest sail many sailors own is 5.4.
Think Mac33`s comments have changed slightly over course of thread. I was very sceptical about his first post; his later ones are more the norm but I do think its very presumtious to say that because you can use a particular sail (big or small) why cant others.(or that perhaps their choice is somehow wrong ?) Most sailors nowadays have years of experience and know very well themselves whats best for them and conditions they sail in. Besides sailing overpowered is better exercise; probably faster; probably more exciting and modern sails do cope great overpowered .(within reason) But I would`t presume to infer others should do so ???!!!!

If I use a 7 its because its best to use FOR ME !!!!
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