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On the contrary. Where I sail, a few of us try to encourage others to go bigger when they are slogging or just planing, while those of us with big sails go blasting by. I personally choose the smaller sail when I am trying to decide what to use for a given situation. I would rather be a little under powered than overpowered. With adjustable outhauls on my 5 largest sails, it is rare that I have come in a change sails.

In time, most sailors find what sail sizes work best for them, and if they are happy with their choices, either large or small, so be it. I don't see a general trend to "larger" sails in our area, except for those with formula or similar gear. I have never seen anyone complaining about their sails being too large, unless they just made an incorrect choice for the day and have to re-rig.
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