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i agree my setup of rigging unusually small size sails for conditions does not work for everyone and probably very few however if sailors were prepared to give it a go they may be surprised to find it can for some work.i rig not just with some negative outhaul but pretty much with max negative.this alone makes huge difference to bottom end.a larger than needed light board on a small sail makes board more lively and improves planning in 8/15 conditions i tried my other board that i failed to mention a f2 x/speed 64 wide and around 7.5kg.i rigged my rs6 5.8m on it ,i was for most part fully powered up.i rigged way below manufacture specs for outhaul and less downhaul[top batten] just startimg to twist off.i could easily have held up the 8.2m as someone mentioned earlier albeit with more out/down.however i do not believe i would have sailed any faster/better than with my smaller setup. gybing an 8.2m i am more prone to ending up in 17 degees swan river.
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