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Floyd, Ken... I refer to ~15 Knots conditions which are prevalent on my spot. I don't say all sailors use big sails. In 20+ Knts there are much less people on water and most have small sails anyway, but this does not happen very often. Our local shop always push intermediate sailors for bigger sails and wider boards (everything smaller than 7.5 and 70 cm will not work, etc). This is not necessarily bad advice, there are more F3/4 than F4/5 days. But I'm always surprised by the number of 8+ sails cruising here in 15 Knts. For me it's way too big unless you head for the speed record, and even so.

Mac33, this is probably a matter of taste but I find my sails to work better with max downhaul and some outhaul, notably upwind. I very rarely change my settings and still cover a broad wind range with one sail. Lightweight helps in the low end and max downhaul in the high end.

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