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I'm new to windsurfing ( done level 1) and had about 30Hrs on the water..

Yesterday was my first experience in a force 5 wind at Llandegfedd reservoir UK. In the little cove was fine but as soon as exposed to full wind blast, it was like being in a military zone...The water was very choppy and even uphauling was a real struggle due to the waves..

I know sailing upwind is a common problem for many beginners BUT my problem is that I sail upwind constantly and this was really exaggerated in the wind yesterday....Unless I really push the mast towards the nose I sail upwind but this causes an imbalance for me and often ends up with me getting pulled over by the sail.

My board is a Rio medium ( tushy 5M) ...Even with the dagger board up, I'm still conatntly heading in an upwind direction. I'm keeping the front leg straight right at mast foot and bending the back one to try and keep posture BUT I'm a little lost at the mo......

Another thing I have noticed with the Rio is that the bouyancy of the board seems more at the rear which I'm guessing is a design to get you in the straps and planing. For practising tack/gybes ( weight in middle of board) I feel "nose heavy"

Still I managed to avoid the need of the rescue boat which was constantly in demand. All the same great fun - was out till 19.30!!

any hints would be great fully appreciated!


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