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Ian Fox
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Hi Mark,

In that mode the PA80-06 remains a very strong benchmark (and a keeper in my 95kg quiver).
For heavier riders, the rocker of the Kode80 doesn't seem to work quite so well - and the Kode80 seems that little bit more hi wind focussed...(perfect for mid weight, but cribs that little bit of mid range down for the heavier guys..)

The one that I have been having a real blast on lately has been the QUAD86 (very surprising for me as I had expected it to be solidly a pure wave riding tool and relatively slow - and I'm the last guy on our crew wanting a slow ride - no matter what!!).

In fact, it has very good bottom end/early planing (for size/dedicated wave board), very easy and balanced to sail in sub planing mode- and remarkably easy to grind upwind sub planing too. But who cares on that compared to the real stuff? Well it's slightly vulnerable on "mid range speed"(not so easy to ride up early in the range onto fin as good single) but then quite OK competitive in rough (chopfest) top end despite all those fins. (the full stats: actual deep downwind can be slightly outpaced, beam reach it's good very defensible speed in well powered mode against even freerides and pinching upwind it can actually take distance out of all but the best of them)

And bashing chop the rough water control is simply another league ; yes, I agree, its not what QUAD was EVOlved FOUR - but it sure as hell works a treat when abused that way too ! Underfoot the ride is not harsh or slappy - and with loads of grip the rider is free to concentrate a lot of weight on the back without the need for as much single fin subtlety as normal. That's to say you can go sick and get away with more.

QUAD is effectively allowing us to ride a board "one size" up from what we would otherwise use in same conditions, which in turn has the subtle but real effect of allowing slightly larger rigs to be carried even more into overpower range- effectively increasing the sailable range of the board/rig. BS? If you haven't done it yourself, maybe- but once you've experienced it the benefit is there.

Yes, a Kode86 can fit that slot too - and will do it with even more speed and efficiency (mid range speed on Kode is definitely a + point) but as the water state gets uglier and the actually (achievable) speeds slower, control is king. And if you want to play more in these conditions rather than just try to blow off every guy in sight, well might be time to think "slow". Because it ain't really...

If iSonic is the F1 car, Futura might be the GT-R. But QUAD is for sure the WRX.
And I know which one is more fun in the forest.

Cheers ~ Ian
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