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Default Tacking on the Rio

Wow Roger! This sounds totally different to what Ive been taught in principle...

BUT I'd kinda worked out the Rio has a different balance to the start/ N trance. My instructor has been telling me to keep the front foot touching mast fost and rear foot behind daggerboard but I've never felt quite ofey with this.

What your saying about keeping the weight much further down the board makes complete sense. The tacking part does sound tricky in terms of foot placement/ balance but I most certainly will give this ago - Hopefully today!!

Once again I find your advice to be very specific to the Rio which I'm guessing it has somewhat different dynamics to a traditional learning board.
Not only will I benifit from your advice but also a family who recently puchased 3 Rio's.

Many thx for guidance.....will update once I've had some watertime
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