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for the conventional sailor your point is valid [turning a 5.0 into a 6.5 ] by means of less down/outhaul. my main and still valid point is that for a 70kg and under in around 12/16 knots a 5.0m race sail rigged with max negative can get you planning and powered up PROVIDED you use a bigger than required 95/100litre lightweight board. most sailors and people in general are set in concrete in there ways. i was told in the ledge to lancellin ocean race 15 or so years ago, run in around 10/16 knots that anders bringdall won the race on a 50cm 4kg board and a 6.1m unconventional way can work. if wind increases its alot easier to increase out/down than change down sails. most people believe with absolute certainty the official theory of 911, myself i believe something completley different, just as with sail/size choices.each to there own but its good to keep an open mind as in trying something different. surprise ,surprise you may change your opinion.
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