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I`ve sort of lost what your point is ??? Are you really saying that its possible for a 70k sailor (you) to plane (effectively; upwind ?) with only a 5 metre sail in 12 knots of wind ?
And if so; to what advantage ???? Just rig correct sail up to start with ????

Are you LeeD ???

Think your point re -open minded is fair enough but suspect windsurfers aren`t a dogmatic bunch anyhow? All I know are always looking/trying to get max TOW with least hassle?!!

I used to have a mate who could get a Jimmy Lewis speed needle going in 15 knots and often boasted about it ? He never went any faster than us and missed every jibe but if sailors want to put themselves at a disadvatage to prove a point thats upto them !!!

Changing rigs takes 5 minutes ???

A baggy 5 metre will never perform like a properly rigged 6.5;its profile would be wrong for upwind; on a reach maybe ????
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