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Roger makes good points. Assuming you are talking about non planing jibes, jibing any board with a centerboard is challenging if you want to get around quicker. As the wind picks up, it becomes even more difficult.

Regardless, the "sink jibe" / "pivot jibe" is the way to go. The challenging part is that the rail on the outside of the turn (port jibe - starboard side of board) will drop and the port side will lift. This is more pronounced on narrow boards (old long boards), but it still happens a little on the wide boards.

The quickness of the jibe depends on how much you sink the tail (how far back you move). You have to bare off the wind a bit (30-45 degrees off a beam reach) before you begin your sink jibe. If you don't, the board won't turn downwind, but will instead head upwind.

Once the board begins to jibe, be ready to move quickly to keep from being tossed off. Pivot jibes can be very fast and you don't lose any gained windward advantage, you just turn on a "dime".

The same jibe can be accomplished without the daggerboard and may be a little easier because the outside rail will not drop as much as it does with the daggerboard down.

Once you figure it out, they are pretty easy to do.
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