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Hi ita200

Ken elaborates well. I used to have both F101 and iS101. While the F101 is indeed more controllable it also misses some of the excitement the iS101 offers in that range. So chances are that when you come from the is101, the F101 will just feel like a damped down version. Like Ken suggests you will be much better off with the Futura 93, which will then add the liveliness of a smaller board when you change down and hence be a much more natural and fun high wind board.

Kode will be a different type of ride and in this model I think a 102 might be more natural step down even though a 94 will also work except maybe with the 7.1. But if you're gonna use freerace sails anyway, the Futura 93 is probably the better choice - it has a lot of heritage from the super cross era for sure.
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