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Default Foot Placement

OK I managed to get on the reservoir for a couple of hours and the first 50mins was superb .. the wind was light and consistent which enabled me to practise the tips Roger mentioned above...

When the wind was a little stronger the foot placement 6" down and 6" accross from mast was spot on and yes I could tack/gybe with a lot of control...certainly turning upwind the board was ultra responsive..

I also move the mast right back down track to the point where its on 1/2" into track...hopefully this will not damage or "pull out track".

In this position the nose of the board really raised out of the water making it very clear that in strong winds you could wheelie! I simply sailed accross the wind changing from upwind to downwind. It was obvious that you need to take care turning downwind as the wind can really overpower you quickly

Later the wind dropped off and I found myself drifting back to the front foot against the mast as in Rogers position the sail was too close causing imbalance...bent arms ect

Basically from those few words I learnt a hell of a lot so its a thumbs up and a big thank you Roger!!

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