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What is your weight and what size sails do you intent to use? If you are not to heavy, I would seriously take a look at the Atom 99 which seems like the perfect board for what you describe. I used to have it's predecessor, the 2006 Aero 117. That board is also the mother of the Kodes you are interested in, but those have kind of gone in a direction towards a bit more straight line performance is key. The Atom is a step back to the roots, but also with the addition of some "new tricks" like less thickness and a eva deck to allow strapless sailing. For me, this sounds super exciting. In fact, since a few years I have a Starsurfer (also same shape as the 06 Aero) with EVO deck that I have sailed strapless for the summer breeze sailing you talk about. Very fun and an enlightening feeling. The thinner and lighter Atom shape will for sure make this even nicer (and you can of course also use it with straps if you want to.

So unless you absolutely need the volume, I would seriously look into the Atom 99. It' still a 100 liter board and its very wide at 68.5cm.
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