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Default Massive improvement

Roger Hi, the sailing conditions yesterday were nothing like the previous F5 experience and so everything was much more mild which gave me a chance to practise your advice.

The conditions were certainly sub planing and this made the recommended stance/ foot postion more difficult due to no counter balance of wind on the sail however I can definately see the benifits in stronger wind. In addition my steering control upwind/ downwind was far improved - This make me a lot more confident as the other day I nearly got T-boned by a boat travelling at seriously high speed( I'm sure it was my fault).

Using the rear foot /applying pressure to steering upwind certainly was incredibly effective rewarded by sharp turning angles...Downwind I found I was still having to over emphasise the action.

Will try moving the mast foot forwards and raising the CB to checkout the effect...

All in all I feel a huge step forwards.....

Not sure when the next session will happen....(kids and all that)...Hopefully in 18mths time my daughter will start to surf and join the T15 club hence my commitment to be a confident sailor!

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