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Default Isonic 144 or 131?

Hi Remi,

Want do you recommend: Isonic 131 or 144? I like to have a board between the 122 and the Formula as I find that in slalom competition the wind decreases sometimes just a bit which gives me with my weight on the 122 a disadvantage compared to other lighter sailors.

I am 95 kg, like to use the board for competition / slalom racing mostly with 9.5m2 NP RS EVOII (app. 12 - 20 knots), and already have Isonics 101, 122 and Formula.

I am a strong sailor, sail with big sails in lots of wind and heavy chop. No problem sailing overpowered or at the edge of (out of) control.

Please advise as I can't decide yet between the 144 and 131.

best regards,

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