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thanks again Roger.

I am pretty much confuse about everything now hihihihihihih .... and I hope I will not give up trying to learn it !
I got by board( package) on one of the best shops here in USA ,,, but now I am not sure if a did it right.
I will do what you told me ... find a place where I would get a bigger board and learn the basics .
I was checking the wind velocity there just now ... and was around 10 knos ( 8 :00 Pm ). There is the end of the winter in Brazil , and the windy season stars from october to april ... so I hope I will get enought wind to use this board.
The guy who sold me this board said that I will need about 7 knos to sail this windsurfing.
Did they just wanted me to buy it ?
I have a realy old board there ,,, a mistral ( probably 15 years old). Would that help me with the first steps?

Would my new Rig and boom work on that board?

I have no words to thanks you for all your time !!!

Many many thanks again

My best regards

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