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Default Which fins for downwind speed?


For the iSonic Speed specials, 44,49,53 I have found the right downwind speed fins.

I'am 92 kg and using the 2010 iSonic 111/7.8 NP Evo 2 and iSonic 101/7.0 NP Evo 2 only at flat/light chop water on downwind speed courses.

I have been struggeling all year around to find the right fins for the 2009 boards in these conditions. (Techtonics Tomcat, Select SL7, Deb SL4, Choco fins fireblade, etc)

The recommend fins are the SL4 but I'm not sure if these fins will do the downwind speed job in the given circumstances.

Any suggestions which fins will work for this situation?

Thanxs Barry
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