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Originally Posted by Farlo View Post
Hi mim, does ST9 stands for 2009, R08xxxxxx for 2008, or both? By the way 2009 models have been launched in August 2008. So a 2009 model could very well be manufactured in 2008 (which may be the case for this particular board). Or is there something I miss?

Mario, I can understand your frustration but if a red bottom is so important for you why didn't you notice it at the first sight? Or did you take it knowingly and changed your mind on the beach, after the excitement of trying the new board was gone? In this case you can hardly blame Starboard or your dealer, unless you really got a 2008 model at 2009 price then you can probably claim a sensible discount.
Usually the serial number relates to the model year...I am not sure...ask somebody from the team to answer that...than it will be 100% sure.

I think it goes from model year...or would you think it goes from pruduction date and somewhere in the midlle (after a board specification) you will find a model year...i rather think you will first identify the the board (year and type, volume) and than you specify the single piece (like date, or charge number and number of the actuall piece).

Exactly the same I have the sails...first it defines the model year (realease Overdrive is 09) and than goes the model and than the size (the rest is different since sails are not distiguished down to a single piece).

Ciao Michal.
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