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I opened the box at the shop and told the dealer that the bottom should be red.....but he told me to take the board that he would solve the problem with starboard.....and would give me feedback.

At this moment ive tried and used the board and im going to keep it because i like the board.
But for being mislead with the on-line catalogs and boards ive seen that have red bottom i want some kind of compensation from the manufacturer.
The dealer is not responsible for production changes!!! So i dont blame him....he justs sells what starboards sends him.

If starboard wants to change colors in the middle of a production they can do it but they have to announce that so that the customers are not mislead like me!!

I dont want money or board replacement from starboard........only some kind of compensation for doing this kind of things....this is not fair for us customers that go after something and then get another.

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