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I have FUTURA 133 and NS S-TYPE 9.5mē, my weight is 90kg and I have no problems with this combination. If you are not used on big sails it will take some time to adjust, but this is the case with any new gear. Drake 48cm fin is big enough in salt water, on lakes is better to use 50cm fin. I can get planning at 11 to12kn of wind and I can use this sail comfortably until wind is stronger then 20kn. But even with wind gusts over 20kn is no problem to keep control but then is usually better if you take smaller sail. New sails have much bigger wind range than old sails. It was harder to control my old 8mē sail at 20kn than new 9.5mē.
If wind is 15kn I can easily reach 25kn GPS speed with this combination, if there is more wind I go faster. If wind is over 18kn I can get more speed with 7.8 mē sail and smaller fin but only under ideal angle. With 9.5mē I can reach much better angles of sailing and if wind drops below 15kn I m still planning. This is important since there is no such thing as steady wind. Usually if average wind is 15kn, you have wind gusts around 25kn for 5 to 10 sec and wind lulls around 10kn for 15 to 30 sec.To get planning most of the time and not only for 10 sec every few minutes, I need a big sail, at least for my weight.
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