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i use 52 wide kinetic slalom in 16/30 knots and 58 wide[5.5kg] in around 12/16 knots both with 5.0 vapor. i have 5.8rs6 but prefer light feel of 5m. i do plane in this light wind with 5m perhaps not as much as with 5.8. i also own 7.7 severne cr2 which i use with fanatic falcon 75 wide,8kg and 41fin . i just bought this sail last week and to my surprise it starts to plane in around 7 /8 knots, fully powered up in 10knots.checked these wind speeds on seabreeze. so i think what i am saying is correct.can hold 5m in 20/25 and just survive [max downhaul] in 25/30.lightweight equip boards, base, mast is one secret along with heaps negative outhaul.i was planning the other day not quite as early as guy on 11.0m. he had a good bit more downhaul than me. he could not believe i was planning with 7.7m.
Hi Mac33, I am 6 pounds heavier than you, to compare I sail a CA SL 52 (and a 58), Isonic-111 and an old Mike Lab 76cm wide (probably 130L). I owned both a Kinetic 52 and 58 Slalom (2003 UL/110L), and a Sonic 52.

For me the CA 52 (and Kinetic and Sonic 52) are optimal with a 5.5, they can well use a 6.0, a bit uncomfortable and easily overcame by a 6.6. A 5.0 works (I have a HOT Superspeed) but I am generally very happy and well balanced with a 5.5/6.0 (Hot Sails GPS). 30 knots? I am not sure I have what it takes.

My Kinetic 58 was quite a big board (probably different from yours) and was surprisingly quick to plane with a small sail. However the optimal sail size was a 7.0-7.3. The 5.5 I occasionally used when too lazy to re-rig was a bit too small to control the board if the wind came back; never used a 5.0 on it. Good parallel for my Kinetic 58 is a Is-101. By the way my IS-111 would of course carry a bigger sail, but also be much more controllable than the Kinetic. My current CA 58 is probably similar to your kinetic, it works with 6.0-6.5, 5.5 is unbalanced, 5.0 I never tried.

Coming to your light air performance: my ML was quite amazing with a 8.0 and a 50 cm fin. I am not sure about 8 knots, but I am sure that I do not want to go out with a 10. My max sail is 7.3 right now. that works with the ML and a 44 fin, but I did loose low end and probably will buy again an 8.0 next year, although, lucky where I live, it would be for a few days/year.

So, in summary, give or take a few knots your observations sort of match mine, although my minimal quiver for slalom would be 5.5 - 6.6 - 8.0, your choice 5.0 - (5.8) - 7.7 would not work well for me.

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