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Default sail size

someone on this forum actually agreeing or partly agreeing with me.
finian and screamer will be next be telling you to open up a clinic so we can learn to rig it wrong.
you say the smaller sizes 5.0 and 5.5 on 58wide board feel unbalanced,loss of control. another way of saying this is board with light rig when powered up starts lifting very high out of water. this is true i find but its exactly what i am looking for.its good for surfing chop and swell. the only way i have chance of beating big blokes for speed is when we hit large chop/swell this is where the extra lift of this combo comes in handy for surfing over it.
it does take time to get used to lift of small sail/larger board. if you get max weight in harness to nose of board in gusts it should help to stop board from taking off.
this combo is also great for gybing in lulls and for planning early.
my kinetics are race model not freeride edition.i have tried carbonart52 and 44.they were good but still prefer my kinetics. i am trying jp 84 litre slalom its very fast in flat water appalling control in chop, thats 07 model. i also owned starboard 52. it edged kinetic in flattish water, kinetic had definite edge in choppy water.
my light wind board fanatic falcon 75 wide is 152 litres volume. checked windspeeds on seabreeze website on numerous occasions it does plane in around 8 knots with 7.7m rigged with no outhaul/ downhaul.overpowers though in around 12 knots.
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