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Originally Posted by mac33 View Post
someone on this forum actually agreeing or partly agreeing with me.
Well, you are very very very much more optimistic about the performance of a 5.0 +7.7 quiver than myself! I go for a much wider, a bit over-the-top, quiver 5.5-6.0-6.6-7.3-(8.0) GPS, 5.8 Fire, 5.3-4.7-4.2-3.7 Superfreaks. I do not like to slog and I do like to match sail, wind speed, and board. Only exception is at low wind speed, where I compromise and I do not mind slogging with my "boat", but for performance sailing I think I would need a 9.0 or something to keep up.

PS my Kinetic 58 was a Slalom Ultralight, one the last of the course/slalom breed.

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